8 Day Luxury Crewed Catamaran Mallorca Itinerary


8 Day Luxury Crewed Catamaran Itinerary - Discover Palma de Mallorca, Cabrera National Park and the hidden East Coast Gems

Overview | Day One - Palma | Day Two - Cabrera | Day Three - Portopetro & Portocolom | Day Four - Portocristo | Day Five - Cala Ratjada | Day Six - Cala des Moro | Day Seven - Cala Blava | Day Eight - Palma


From the towering cathedral at Palma de Mallorca to the mystifying Cuevas del Drach, the Mallorcan coastline offers charterers any number of fascinating pit stops. With the added comfort and space granted by a luxury crewed catamaran, this is a stunning Mediterranean getaway. 

Day 1: Palma to Es Trenc 

Es Trenc

Once you've arrived in sunny Palma, you'll embark your yacht around midday when the restaurants and beachside bars are starting to bustle with activity behind you. After meeting your amazing crew and getting to know your new home for the next week, it's time to set sail. As you pull away from Puerto Portal, Palma's cathedral La Seu will hove into view with its magnificent Moorish architecture. Catching the light, La Seu almost seems to glow as you cruise past on your way to Es Trenc.

This more remote and sandy area of the island is a great place to begin trying out the water toys on board your luxury vessel, or simply laying back and starting on that tan! Your crew will be keen to impress and will lay on a delicious meal on your first night, complemented by some drinks and a fantastic sunset.

Day 2: Cabrera National Park


After a morning of relaxing on the beach or splashing in the sea, it's time to visit the unspoilt and protected National Park of Cabrera. The island is covered with extremely rare wildlife thanks to being inhabited only by park workers for years. Other than the amazing plants, black lizards and seabirds, there is also a 14th-century castle atop the rocks and an island museum. 

Anchoring and sports are restricted here so, after a peaceful afternoon, cruise away and fill in the evening with your favourite water sport, your favourite drink and another beautiful sunset.

Day 3: Portopetro & Portocolom


Now well on your way up the east coast of Mallorca, there are two destinations which should catch your eye. Portopetro and Portocolom are both quirky and quaint towns for a bite to eat, browsing the shops and immersing yourself in the Balearic atmosphere. 

The lack of a beach at Portopetro has allowed it to stay true to its roots without becoming a tourist hotspot like its larger neighbour, Cala d'Or. North of Cala d'Or lies Portocolom, which has more seaside attractions and pastel coloured houses to make it stand out as a popular little fishing village.

Day 4: Portocristo

Portocristo not only has plenty to see itself, but it is also close to the Cuevas del Drach. These caves are home to an underground lake, Lake Martel, which are majestic both in silence and when the classical music performances begin. 

The only part of Mallorca to be involved in the Spanish Civil War, Portocristo is now home to any number of terrace restaurants and places to enjoy a drink and some paella on the seafront. Of course, your day will be interjected with cooling off in the Mediterranean and some more attempts at mastering those water skis!

Day 5: Cala Ratjada


Passing some more caves, the Coves d'Artà, as you head north, this is your final day before you begin to head back towards Palma. Making the most of the morning sun and the water sports opportunities around you, you'll notice that the water here is calm, tranquil and perfect for laying back and relaxing on some inflatables. 

As well as the Coves d'Artà there are many places to discover just around the next corner, or just in the next bay in this part of the Balearics. Depending on how you feel like spending your day, this could be one of the most adventurous or the most relaxing of your charter!

Day 6: Cala des Moro

Heading south to make your way to Palma, take in all of your surroundings as you pass pack down the rocky and sandy coastline. There'll be plenty of water sport and photo opportunities today, so be sure to get your angles right when catching that Mallorcan sun for Instagram! 

In the southeast corner of the island, one of the most beautiful anchorages on your charter will be tonight at Cala des Moro where the sea is transparent and the rocky cliffs rise high above you.

Day 7: Cala Blava

Kings Ransom

Your final day in paradise should be spent relaxing, soaking up the last of the sun and trying out any water toys that you haven't yet had the chance for. Seek out an outstanding restaurant or get your crew to prepare you something equally delicious on board under the setting sun at Cala Blava.

Day 8: Disembark

Having spent the night at Cala Blava it's a very short cruise back to Palma and the culture, history and amazing food that awaits.

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