Fiji Crewed Yacht Itinerary

Monriki Island

Fiji Luxury Crewed Yacht Itinerary - Surfing, Diving and Exploring the Mamanuca Islands

Overview | Day One - Tavarua| Day Two - Malolo & Tavarua Islands | Day Three - Navadra & Vanua Islands | Day Four - Naviti Island | Day Five - Blue Lagoon | Day Six - Champagne Beach | Day Seven - Return to Denarau Marina


Fiji is one of the most diverse charter locations in the world and offers everything you could imagine the South Pacific would and more. Warm temperatures all year round lead to unrivalled underwater scenery for diving, snorkelling or simply swimming around, brushing shoulders with manta rays, turtles and even clown fish - or 'Nemo', for those with children!

A charter in Fiji isn't just about what's under the water but what you can do on it, with any number of amazing water sports available in the most pictresque of locations. Ashore you'll meet the friendly locals, taking part in their ceremonies and dances for an experience like no other. 

Day One - Surfing At Tavarua


After boarding your luxurious yacht at the Denarau Marina, your crew will waste no time making you feel at home and setting sail for your first exquisite destination. After a freshly prepared lunch you’ll be taken to the heart shaped island of Tavarua. As this is the surfing capital of Fiji, those of you with a passion for riding the waves will be in your element as you catch the most beautiful break of your life.

If you’d rather stay on board and chat with the crew then simply enjoy a fantastic view your friends and family out on the spray from your spacious deck with a glass of wine and something freshly prepared by your chef.

Day Two - Snorkelling At The Malolo And the Tavarua Islands


While the marine life throughout all of Fiji is incredibly diverse, there are few places better to get up close and personal with it than around these stunning islands. Malolo and Tavarua both boast crystal clear waters for great visibility, silky white sand and fabulous shops and attractions on shore.

After a morning stroll along the coast and an alfresco lunch, either on deck or at a local town, grab your snorkel gear and a GoPro and dive right into the enticing South Pacific to discover an underwater world of fish and coral. The water temperatures in these parts provide perfect conditions for all your favourite sub-marine wildlife such as anemones and their clown fish inhabitants.

Day Three - Paddleboarding At The Navadra and Vanua Islands

Fijian Village

Ever tried Halyard Flying? Start your third day in Fiji by launching yourself into the soothingly cool sea, human-catapult style. Great for entertaining all ages, plus a slow motion video is sure to go viral amongst your friends back home! After a delicious lunch, take the paddleboards for a spin on the tranquil, glass-like water.

Whether you just scoot around exploring the diverse coastline or attempt a spot of yoga, paddleboarding is both great fun and surprisingly healthy. After an afternoon testing your balance, soak up the local culture with a trip to the fascinating and welcoming local village.

Day Four - Swim With Manta Rays At Naviti Island


You may have been swimming with dolphins – maybe even sharks – but you won’t have ever had a treat like this. Cuva Bay, to the south of this extraordinary island, is home to the majestic manta rays of Fiji.

Your captain will know exactly how to catch sight of these remarkable creatures so that you can don that GoPro again and swim alongside for a truly unforgettable experience. Alongside the manta rays will be an assortment of fish that, later in the day, we can catch for an astoundingly fresh and delicious dinner.

Day Five - Explore The Blue Lagoon At Sawa-I-Lau 


Scuba diving is certainly something everyone wants to try their hand at during a breath-taking charter in Fiji and for that reason the Blue Lagoon is unquestionably unmissable. Having been helped through a small underwater tunnel, your head will break the surface of the exceptional lagoons that run through these awe-inspiring caves.

You could spend all day in these impressive caverns, however, if you want to enjoy some more of your chef’s creations for dinner, have a walk along a beautiful beach and a browse of the local shell markets then you will simply have to tear yourself away.

Day Six - Kite Surfing At Champagne Beach

Dinner Drum

With thrilling mountain scenery and flawless, golden sandy landscapes giving Champagne Beach its name you’ll need to find an activity that’s as equally mind-blowing as this setting. Get your fun-loving crew to secure you to one of the yacht’s kites while you prepare yourself for a whirlwind of a ride.

Cutting up the transparent South Pacific, you’ll pass over some astonishing marine life in this area, from turtles to eagle rays. Once you’ve become a master surfer, it’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Your crew will drop you ashore to take part in the traditional Fijian dance ‘Meke’ as part of their traditional evening of eating and drinking. It doesn’t get more authentic than that!

Day Seven - Missed A Spot?


As you head back to the Denarau Marina, where your outstanding charter began, you have the chance to fill in the gaps of any islands you wanted to visit, any water sports you wanted to try or any local dishes you haven’t yet tasted. Equally, if you wanted to return to one of the superb locations you’ve already been to, now’s your last chance… Until next year!

If you've fallen head over heels for this itinerary packed full of sports, culture and cuisine then simply fill out the form below and our team will help you start planning your trip right away.

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